Sarah Penberthy

Sarah Penberthy created and started Penberthy Design while she was still in school at Steven's Henager College. She has loved art her whole life. She took many art classes while growing up.

She strives to perect her skills and abilities to make sure she can provide you with the best services possible. Some of her accomplishments are:

  • Associates in Art from Dixie State College
  • Bachelors Degree of Science in Web Design and Development/Graphic Arts


Let us help you design a website that can accommodate all the different plateforms that are available today!


We use the most resent HTML and CSS to help make your dream website a reality.


We stay current on what's popular, relevant and groundbreaking in the world of graphic arts and web design.

Premium Design

We are hard at work providing quality designs whether it is in print, logos, or websites. You will get the very best.

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